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VIEWS : "New Theme Park - Luke Won't Be Needing His Rock Star Spot ..So--" | January/February/March 2019

2019-What's that all about? Actually the best part about the new year will be the possibilities we have rhyming with the phrase"oh-nineteen". Last two years were cool with phrases like "What Will Smellmittment Mean In '18" or "Kimmel's Annoyance Level Went To Eleven In Oh-One-Seven". But this year (ho-ho) we can say "Liberals Won't Have Much Fun Till 2021" or "Practice Kung Fu Fighting To Sing It Better In Nineteen". Okay, maybe it is a big deal. But if it is, why are we starting the year on a Tuesday? Sorry everyone, but I'm just not ready for the new year in the middle of the week. I mean, it's like having a wedding ceremony on Thursday morning. Way too early people. Besides, whether you're marrying a man or a woman these days, the least you should do is have your ceremony at the end of the week, where we all get our Sunday afternoon to handle the stress of carefully parking the Storm Trooper Dorkmobile in a safe spot. Yeah, quite enough said there. So Let's Start 2019 Like We Should--With Smaller Briefs, Bigger Friends, And More Realistic Assessments Of Iconic Underachievement - SJ

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NEWS : "Going Han Solo - Despite What Happened To Han.." | January/February/March 2019

Szechwan Is Now Beginning A Long Awaited Journey After Honing His Production Chops. The Upcoming CD Sampler Will Feature (Of Course) The Now Legendary (Hah) Lyrical And Vocal Stylings Of Szechwan. The First Cuts In Development Cover Some Serious Ground - From R & B, To Country, To Reggaeton, To Hard Rock. So Stay Hip On This And Don't Trip On This. It's Gonna Happen. - SZ

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