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VIEWS : "Bearded People Of The Land - Unite For World Hair Peace.." | April/May/June 2018

They say the beginning of April is called "The Fool's New Year". Well I think that if you haven't figured out by now (the fourth month) that we're now into another slab of 365 ribs...then you're not a Fool-you're a Doofus. And there is a marked difference between the two. Obviously, only a foolish Dufus would mistake..say a hairy Fool for a bearded Doofus. And again, for those of you who never payed much attention in class, a Doofus is a Fool without the ability to reason poorly. The average North American Doofus hibernates in snowy climbs in winter; only to venture out of its cave during summer to play with electrical wiring, use bad grammar, and spill ketchup on its dress shoes. Not so easy to do with that pointy hat on believe me. So Don't Be A Dufus Stay In School…fus. - SJ

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NEWS : "Mowing Where No Lawn Has Gone Before.." | April/May/June 2018

As If He Has Had To Grab A Philosophical Ditch Witch, And Excavate The Area Of Life We All Know Sometimes Needs Pruning, Shajuan's Long Overdue Road Trip Into His Dark Production Territory Has Begun. The Upcoming Cuts In Development Currently Range From Religiously Oriented..To..Well..Areas Where The Good Lord May Have Lost A Sandal Or Two. Whatever The Case, Continue To Stay Hip On This And Don't Trip On This. It's Actually Really Happening :).

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