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VIEWS : "Presidential Links - Playing The Game In The Fair Way.." | September/October/November/December 2018

To paraphrase the ubiquitous Stephen A. Smith, "I want to be perfectly clear, so as not to be misinterpreted, misconstrued, or misperceived in this semantic era of discordant postulation". And by stating the following, I confess I am neither a fanatic for donkeys nor elephants. I am only attempting to spread a little fat free political sunshine on a seemingly dark and gloomy piece of toast. You see people, if nothing else, a Trump presidency will actually save the taxpayers millions of dollars in golf expenditures. You heard me right. The golf lesson revenue that will not have to be set aside for presidential whitey spanking could easily finance some subsidized health care...or at the very least, the website associated with said healthcare, should we decide to use the same crack web development team as before. Forget the fact that Donald only wants four dollars of the 2.4 million that he is due during his four years, and that there will be no presidential greens fees (seeing that he will only likely play at his own courses, should the mood strike him). However, the biggest blow to all the presidential egos that came before him, is that Trump doesn't really even need the practice. That's right people, our new presidential blabbermouth is already a better golfer than 99% of the US population. Though his opinion of himself is definitely the equivalent of our former President - unlike President Obama, Trump being a legitimate single digit handicap should mean that his ego would not likely need to be fed once a week to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Instead, we can supplement all the McDonald's employees so that they actually are making $15 and our (at least for a couple of weeks). Some funds should go into an anniversary Victoria Secret gift pack for a Ivanka, and then maybe a graduation gift certificate to a marijuana dispensary for Malia. If a percentage of the savings absolutely has to go to The Donald, perhaps a par three course built around the White House...complete with gold plated ball washers, and bellman uniforms for the greens keepers. Whatever the case, let's keep our chins up America (insert fat joke here). Look at it this way, the respective golf swings of the other candidates that had any shot at the presidency this past election, make President Obama swing look like Rory McElroy's (especially Bernie Sanders'). Keep It Down The Middle America - SZ

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NEWS : "Going Han Solo - Despite What Happened To Han.." | September/October/November/December 2018

Szechwan Is Now Beginning A Long Awaited Journey After Honing His Production Chops. The Upcoming CD Sampler Will Feature (Of Course) The Now Legendary (Hah) Lyrical And Vocal Stylings Of Szechwan. The First Cuts In Development Cover Some Serious Ground - From R & B, To Country, To Reggaeton, To Hard Rock. So Stay Hip On This And Don't Trip On This. It's Gonna Happen. - SZ

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