Private Lessons And Rock Academy Concert Band Rehearsals Starting Now!

Are you a kid 11 years old and up that plays an instrument or sings, and has a dream to play in a rock band? Well if you are, then The South Barrington Rock Academy is the place for you! Whether you choose SBRA Private Lesson Instruction and/or to join The Rock Academy’s Concert Band, you’re right where you want to be to develop some phenomenal musical skills.

Those who choose to participate in the Rock Academy’s Concert Band will be organized into a group or into groups, and will rehearse a set of music for a rock recital occurring at the end of every six week session.

As they delve further into their instruments, both private students and Concert Band attendees will cover popular musical techniques, explore basic music theory, and all while keeping the emphasis on fun.

The Rock Academy Concert Band’s final week’s performance for friends and family is usually the highlight of each session. For more  information  - Please contact Coach Mark at :)

All skill levels and most popular musical styles are welcome at The South Barrington Rock Academy. Private instruction is available in Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, even Country...and everything in between.